WEY's Deepening Your Yoga Practice Program is available to anyone interested in shedding their old ways and bad habits and shifting into a new space of strength, peace, confidence, and compassion. 

Desire to teach is NOT necessary.  If you have had interest in teacher training and thought “I want to deepen my practice but don’t know if I want to teach” then this program is for you!

This program is about accelerating your personal evolution

Our in-depth, comprehensive training program places emphasis on the energy body and its effects on our physical health and mental wellness. Throughout the program, we study yogic roots and the intersections with Traditional Chinese Meridians, modern and primal movement, aromatherapy, and learn how and why yoga principles and philosophy can accelerate our personal evolution in this day and time. 

June 18/19
Unit #1: Introduction, Hatha Yoga Requirements & Yoga History Overview  

  • Gain the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras and and how they can cultivate a new understanding of a modern world.
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and how its wisdom assists practice.

July 23/24
Unit #2: Foundation of Yoga & Applied Energetics

  • Pranayama (breath) to energize, strengthen, calm, and heal the body and mind.
  • Energy maps of the body, including meridian lines and chakra centers, and how they are used in asana, calming nervous system and strengthen immunity.

August 13/14
Unit #3: Anatomy & Physiology: Integration with Energy Medicine

  • Benefits of asana including not just how the postures work, but WHY they work.
  • Deepen your understanding of poses and their effects.
  • Intelligent asana sequencing to strengthen the body and create a balanced practice.
  • The muscular-skeletal components of selected postures and how to safely find poses for your body (or your students). 

September 24/25
Unit #4: Asana (and Life) Fundamentals
Unit #5: Teacher Toolbox

This isn't a cookie-cutter yoga teacher training program. We give you a solid foundation from which your authentic, creative, unique Self can grow and shine.

Our Yoga Alliance approved program is over 260 hours and in order to qualify for RYT-200hr, you MUST complete all five (5) Units in addition to attending two (2) classes per week.  

The Final Exam includes teaching 1-hr demonstration class and attending four (4) other trainee demonstrations, cumulative written exam, partner cueing, and adjustment assessment.

We offer affordable payment plans. The deposit amount is non-refundable. If you have are unable to attend, you can apply your deposit to any future training. Ask about our Energy Exchange program, where you would exchange your time and services for training.


  • Course binder and class materials (excluding books and video)
  • Strong roots into our yogic community
  • Mentoring process to become a strong teacher
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership during the course of Deepen Your Practice


West End Yoga's Deepen Your Practice/Teacher Training manual was compiled and written from scratch by Leah Slagenwhite. I infuse Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), aromatherapy, energy medicine, and yoga philosophy with both modern and primal movement.

After surviving the death of a child and Stage IV cancer at age 29, I was inspired to share all that I had found through meditation and the yogic lifestyle.
Lost and disconnected as a mother of two little ones, I wanted to create a place to deepen my own practice and meaningfully connect to others, with the intention to ultimately empower women to find healing at the soul level through the practice of yoga.

Join me as I share all that I've learned through yoga, I'm honored to guide you into the deeper levels of the practice.  

As we begin to do the work and heal and transform ourselves, we can begin to heal the world.The mindset and philosophy that has helped me get out of survival mode into thriving is Rumi's eloquent quote, "Live life as though it is rigged in your favor."
ecause it is,


Deposit + 4 Payments Plan - $600: Due at the beginning of each unit  

Pay In Full - $2300: Register before May 15, 2016 and SAVE $300! 


"I've learned so much about myself... I have changed so much since this program began. It's 100% authentic! If you are thirsty for knowledge and want to drink it all in and learn a real life changing course, WEY is the place to do it."
-Kara Thoms, current RYT trainee