Essential oils are all the trendy rage, but many often forget the aromatherapy + the healing wisdom behind the essential oils [it all stemmed from thousands of years of incense tradition.]


Each oil, in the shamanic tradition, is a living, conscious being. They will interact differently with individuals on a spirit level.

The plant medicine within the drops of oils are unique individuals that work differently on energetic and spiritual levels, with the people who are using them.  

Rooted in the Great Mystery, there is no way to define those differences concretely, other than to smell the oils, open to experience their gifts individually, and access information from a higher level of consciousness.

This is the way of co-creation, the way of the shaman. It is accessible to anyone who wants to commit the time and attention to practicing this art, and a great place to begin is by simply smelling the oils and allowing your body’s response indicate which oil to choose.

We source only the purest, highest quality essential oils. We carry small-batch energy-attunement oils by Thara Sacra and are also distributors of Young Living Essential Oils.

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Here's to plants knowing what us humans need to evolve, heal, and grow.

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