Rising of the Goddess Archetypes

Goddess energies are present in every body, not just women. 

As women grow older, we are seeing more vitality and more life. More women are stepping into healing roles and even teaching yoga asana classes well into their 90s. 

This rise is notable, as women haven't truly been allowed to be figures of wisdom, leaders, action, or compassion. They receded into the background of the collective unconscious throughout ancient and modern day history. 

As these energies begin to rise in women, the patterns of the goddesses begin to reemerge from this unconscious, manifesting as baby names like "Sophia" becoming popular. Sophia is a Feminine aspect of Divinity, and means the "personification of Wisdom," dating back to earlier pre-patriarchal Greek culture. 

These "unlived archetypes," or patterns that definitely still exist and are now emerging, are what Jung describes as,"like finding old underground water bed rivers that channel through patterns." 

In our Winter Yoga Immersion, we learn the meaning of yoga through awareness of our own patterns + archetypes. High level yogic concepts begin to make sense through every day, modern life situations. 

Our Immersions (or 200-hr level Teacher Trainings) teach you how to take the yogic bliss that we all seek into every day life. We dig deep (warning: this part is not always 100% blissful), working to understand your soul's purpose by using clues from the ancient wisdoms given to us long ago.

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In our Weekend Unit meetings, we learn how to make sense of these patterns and find healing at the root- learning the universal language that is "yoga"- energy

We then apply these high level concepts and maps to ourselves to gain a deeper understanding of our own humanity in the greater context of the universe, while giving tools to manage day-to-day get-food-on-the-table-and-the-kids-fed-life. 

How's that for holistic? : )