In compiling the medicine that we are so fortunate to have roots in Northern Illocos Shamanism + to have learned from our teachers of

Vedic Text + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Astrology + Archetypes + Native Animal Medicine

Included as a part of Starseed Yoga Teacher Training Immersion experience, we learn the roots of diverse teachings whose details vary from tribe to tribe. We observe universal truths to relay life lessons that apply to the human search for unity with all our relations. It is through nature that the teachings come, and it is to nature that we will all return. 

Each person's story
has a distinctive + valid spoke
in the Medicine Wheel
of all that is.

We only scratch the surface of a deep understanding that is possible with this system of divination we call Soul Blueprint. It is a spiral of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual process that has  brought great understanding + is great medicine. To understand the concept of medicine in yoga, and many indigenous cultures, one must redefine "medicine." The medicine referred to in this type of  practice is anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery + to all of life.

Learn your blueprint: your unique energetic imprint on existence + how you connect all of life

how does blueprint work?



We learn from the roots of:
Vedic Text + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Astrology + Archetypes + Native Animal Medicine


STORYLINE ▽  This process begins with uncovering your soul blueprint storyline. What is your current perception of the drama the child inside you has been creating? What are the key points that brought you to the narrative you call your life? 

MAPPING +  INTEGRATION ▽ We then a deep dive into the literal merkaba ["Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body] and study the scripts the ancients left us: Vedic Text + Traditional Chinese Medicine + Astrology + Archetypes + Native Animal Medicine directly applying this wisdom to each aspect of our Selves, according to yogic psychology. We break down our physical nervous + endocrine system symptoms and review how we breath + process our emotions.

SOURCE IDENTIFICATION  Identify the energetic cords to get to the source of the patterns that are repeating themselves as we buy into their drama in our lives. This section reveals to us how we  rob ourselves of the investment + quality of peace when we buy into the single-serve doses of drama.

ANALYSIS + EXCAVATION ▽ With clarity, we reflect on the patterns that made who we are, give them honor, and learn the ways to "let go of what no longer serves." 

 PLAYWRIGHT YOUR BLUEPRINT▽ In our Self-Study Guides, 1-on-1 Sessions, and/or Weekend Group Sessions, we gain the methods + tools to become the playwright of our own story + our own guru in the ashram that is our body.


what if your pain creates a story that answers a prayer from a world that wants to heal?


Once you complete your initial Blueprint weekend, you gain access to 1 additional Blueprint Circle Weekend [each one is different]
+ 1/2 off any thereafter