Photo Credit: Andre Sigur

Photo Credit: Andre Sigur

Hi Yogis,

Do you practice conscious breathing?

In yoga, one of the key aspects is the management of prana, which is our vital life force. By directing the flow of breath, we can become aware of our linking of body + mind (aka "koshas" in yoga) + develop a higher level of consciousness.

The 5 movements of prana are nows as Vayus which means "vital winds." Each vayu governs different areas of the body + when balanced, we are in full realization of living life with meaning + purpose.

Lofty promise of salvation, eh? 

Try it: Inhale deeply. We are already creating rising energy, referred to as Prana Vayu, which is responsible for growth and renewal. The energetic movement of the inhalation flows upwards from the belly to the chest. Sometimes it can be handy to visualize a glass filling up with water. 

On our exhalation, Apana Vayu is created, a downward flowing energy which is responsible for grounding and elimination. Now, we imagine the glass being emptied. 

The opposing energies that we find in the breath of rise (prana) and fall (apana) can be found everywhere in nature - summer and winter, day and night, space and earth, movement and stillness. 
Take a few moments in your day to step out of the mechanical. Feel and notice the breath as a beautiful cosmic receiving and releasing of energy.

Here's to us as the scientists, trying to make sense of the stars inside of us,
Leah + the Starseed Yoga Team
@starseedyogis | Registered Yoga School