Photo Credit: Leah Purugganan-Slagenwhite

Photo Credit: Leah Purugganan-Slagenwhite

Hello Yogis,

Far less pain + fear internally. 

And a deeper trust of my own internal guidance.

As a human functioning from a place of confusion + emotional overwhelm, the personal gifts from the practice of yoga have not only been alleviating of this, but also the opportunity to learn about my/our own sensitivities. 

With even just a basic understanding of this world view "to be here now," provided me enough of what was needed to go deeper and have space to acknowledge, get curious about the intensity of feelings and feel the intensity of the feeling with no judgement.

And it also gave the gift of falling into what we would call "the space inside."

Rather than the mental fray or emotional impacts we can have with each other when there is chaos or drama in relationships, we are given the ability to go to the the space of ... nothingness + peace + stillness + quietness, and diminish the density of the pain in the human experience. 

Like some of us, as a young adult, I was functioning much more horizontally bombarded, connected to more worldly things, reacting to everything going on outside of me, externally. Hyper-focused on what would make me "good enough" and ignoring, repressing, and suppressing all that made me good enough just by existing. 

Now, creating that space daily for the yoga practice also provides the container to go into the space inside. And when you can go inside, you can also connect upwards. In my experience, the horizontal is our earthly relationships, planet earth connections + the vertical is our spiritual, divine connection. 

There are some who are trained to just be horizontal and also vice versa; some people have such a traumatic experience in the horizontal that they disappear into the vertical and do not want to come back from spirituality and meditation. 

Can you blame us? It's painful on the horizontal. 

But here we are at the point of all of this- both planes meeting at a balance point is perfect- where the real juice, the good stuff of life happens.

This space between is what we want to create at Starseed Yoga for those who are willing : ) 

Stay in the axis, 
Leah Purugganan Slagenwhite | Written April 2017