Photo Credit: @ofthevioletray

Photo Credit: @ofthevioletray

Hello Yogis,

As within, so without. 
As above, so below.

As the world is spiraling largely due to the effects of oppressive patriarchal systems and toxic masculinity, I am being called within my own spiritual journey to explore and heal my inner Divine Masculine, especially through the yoga of business. 

As much as our sacred activism is driven by action: going out into the world and doing what we can to make positive changes; the Shiva/Shakti, Masculine/Feminine, Yang/Yin, is equally driven also by surrender to the inward journey, to heal and transform the parts of ourselves are contributing/mirroring what we see out in the world today.

As our latest Yoga Immersion group is learning, the more we do our inner work, the more we are able to offer more of our sacred medicine to the world. And so it is that as priestesses, we must not be afraid to go into the shadow places within ourselves to do our work there. It serves us, our inner peace, and feeds the world peace too.

After the extensive and deep work I have done last year around my Divine Feminine, I'm now ready to dive into this new journey of the Divine Masculine. And I feel intuitively that on a collective level, just like we have needed the rise of the Divine Feminine, we now too need the rise of the Divine Masculine if we are too experience true change and healing in the world.

Most of what we have seen of the Masculine in modern history is the rise and domination of oppressive patriarchy and toxic masculinity. Matriarchy is not the answer to this. It'snot about Feminine vs Masculine. A healthy balance between the two energies is what is being called upon. A merging and fusion of all into One - both individually and collectively.

It's so interesting because when it comes to the Divine Masculine journey, I find myself having to undo the programming that is in place: The Masculine has always felt too dominating and aggressive; or largely absent and antagonistic. Now, I am ready to form a relationship to the Masculine which is tender, strong, kind, stable, wise and loving. I wish to create that relationship within myself first, so that I can understand how to start creating it in the outer world.

I have no maps. No idea of what the first steps are...  No clue what this journey is even going to look like. I just know that this work is going to help me create a level of inner sovereignty and outer joy like nothing I've ever experienced before.

In our #iAMGoddess Yoga course series, we embody invocations, or visions, of Goddesses from all cultures throughout ancient history. 

Below is an  'Invocation to the Divine Masculine' in Alana Fairchild's Isis Oracle guidebook. This invocation feels like a beautiful vision of what our relationship to the Divine Masculine can become, if we truly want it to:


Man of Power, Man of Fire,
Man who liberates heart's desire
Man within and Man without
Man stronger than fear or doubt
Father, Warrior, Leader, Lover
Protector, Hunter, Teacher, Brother
Man Divine, Man of Love
Man of the Earth, Man of Heaven Above
Your Strength, My Strength
Your Power, My Power
Your Love, My Love
Integrity, Honour, Compassion, Protection
Tenderness, Stability, Passionate Attention
Man Divine, Man of Love
Man of the Earth, Man of Heaven Above
Leah Purugganan-Slagenwhite  | Written May 2017