Photo Credit: Linnie Briley for L. Briley Photography

Photo Credit: Linnie Briley for L. Briley Photography




  1. the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.
    "the gift of healing"


  1. tending to heal; therapeutic.
    "a healing experience"


 alleviate, ease, assuage, palliate, relieve, help, lessen, mitigate, attenuate, allay

 "time will heal the pain of grief"


At the heart of our core values + mission at Starseed is healing, of ourselves + those around us. Yoga teaches us the connection to all living beings, built upon this principle of taking care of the vehicle for our souls so that those of us who feel called may also nurture those around us.

Healing itself doesn’t have anything to do with making money, enlightenment, manifesting, running a business, having life go the way you want or having all the things.

Spiritual capitalism has done a great job in twisting all of these things together. Not everything in life is a narcissistic extension of us.

After seeking externally for guidance on how to quelch this incessant longing for God[dess] within, I had spent thousands of dollars in countless self-empowerment courses and therapies. This whole “healing” thing has become a way to attack ourselves, rather than releasing the bonds that hold us in the prison of our minds; to approach our remembrance of our Selves as these endless projects that we need to get right in order for all the things we are promised in this Land of the Free Utopian Dreams.

Healing is sold to us as a product to be consumed.  We all operate from a broken place, most of us doing the best we can to “be healthy” without getting duped.

Whole industries capitalize on it while gaslighting us and perpetrating the same traumas it claims to heal. Most “good” marketing purposely targets pain points, designed to trigger the feeling of insecurity, luring you in to some energy you perceive that you do not have but that you think you want so you invest in it so that you are closer to that energy. It is built on creating the feeling of scarcity while shaming you for living in some lack “mentality” and judging you until you have done your “work.”

This is the Death Mother archetype, the feminine side of the patriarchy. She feeds off of shame and control. She is alive and well and perhaps the toughest knot to unravel is the stronghold she has on the unwillingness to see her own blind spots. She is the patriarchy’s wife, who is dependent upon self-interest, financial success and increased consumption. 

Over the past 20 years, there have been workplaces taking steps toward health and inner peace. However, seekers of these healing values are not guided to consider the ethics of what they are doing or the violent and oppressive systems in which their industries are entangled.

All the emphasis is on individual happiness, self-acceptance and well-being. The capitalist/militarist system is not to be questioned. Responsibility for anxiety and other issues are placed on the individual. You need to meditate so you can learn to CHOOSE to be calm and free of stress, to accept yourself, to be kind to yourself. You need to improve your individual well-being. You don’t need to put your secure and/or well-paying job at risk. 

When we have a keen awareness of the Death Mother's self-importance and what a strong business this archetype runs within ourSelves and society, we can begin to see where we can stop betraying ourselves and immediately shine light on our own blind spots, with the intent to bring us closer to our own liberation. 

Death Mother denys, does not acknowledge and/or "give energy to" the physiological effects of wounding and trauma- thereby perpetuating it. She shames people suffering. 

Shame is the ugly underbelly of our increasingly narcissistic consumer driven culture. Shame is unmetabolized pain.

Human suffering and trauma is very real. The “active processes of forgetting that oppression exists” [Aurora Levins Morales’ Medicine Stories] is very real. And cunning.


There are those of us that are more comfortable in the density of it. There are some of us who are more comfortable in the “light,” even if it is false light. We as humans either hide in our humanity or hide in our divinity, identifying with God and also forgetting we are not God. “True knowledge,” my high school English teacher said, “is to know that you know that you don’t know.”


God is not a narcissist.


All 7B of us here on this planet will have different opinions on what systems will work for all us and there is no doubt that capitalism is spreading through the world at a stunning pace, and is infiltrating more and more aspects of our lives. 


We need healing so that we can regain our collective sanity and restore human values of goodness and love and generosity to the forefront of our connections.


We must reawaken to the reality that quality of life is based on the integrity of human relationships [#IRL] creativity, cultural and artistic expression, spirituality, reverence for  the natural world, and celebration of life, and it is not dependent upon self-interest, financial success or who has nicer shit- and more of it than you do. 

We must become aware of the chords that connect to souls and suck them of their integrity and numb them of feeling, keeping us from healing. That much I do know.  When did “we all have to make money” become an acceptable excuse for self-interested cutthroat behavior that gives no thought to how others are affected? 

None of us knows how to solve the problems of the planet. No one of us has all the answers. So, we ask the questions.

In what ways have we allowed capitalism to lead us? Have we as a collective lost the ability to see true purpose of serving one another? Have we rooted purpose in capital gain, mass produced profit margin off of stolen ideas, lands and lives? 

It is our very confusion of what it is to be human- this soul wound in the heart of humanity that requires tending. What are the ways we can reinforce our collective integrity, and learn how to trust and love without trying to control, dominate, and take-over?

Can a balance between human values consistent with capitalism [self-interest, financial success, competition, and consumption] and those aims of spirituality [altruism, benevolence,generatively] exist?

Here at Starseed, we start from the humblest place of the student, asking the questions that begin the conversation of "staying woke" instead of thinking you already know the future and how all these other beings here can live their best lyfe.

Here's to shining the light on our Selves, dusting off the cast off bits, purging the grief stored up, dancing with joy and finally being f r e e,
Leah + the Starseed Yoga Team [novel coming soon LOL]