Photo Credit: Shelby Sieler of Shelby K.A. Photography

Photo Credit: Shelby Sieler of Shelby K.A. Photography

F R E E D O M ▽ that comes from surrendering into the expansive creative process is so fulfilling that success or failure is no longer a major driving force #starseedaf
individual uniqueness is something that our modern societies uphold + idolize, but in reality we are afraid to have too many colorful individuals

this style of yoga is dangerous to society and it’s logically structured system-based thinking and infrastructure. it’s dangerous because it mimics nature, which so many systems try to control and explain. as humans, we are asked to fit into boxes and labeled because individual style is neither trusted nor understood

style in and of itself does not make one an outsider- in fact, it makes one an insider to the secret processes of life. but to the powers that try to maintain control of the world, style is considered dangerous or at best, eccentric or quirky

style is more than skin deep

it is the cutting edge of creation itself. when we manifest this gift, we surrender ourselves to a creative process that controls us, rather than us controlling it

like nature, style is given shape by a wild, organic and unpredictable energy. it is full of genius + quantum leaps

the by-product of operating at a higher frequency by releasing gifts from inside your DNA, is manifesting dreams rather than simply dreaming them. you suddenly begin to make things happen

now anything becomes possible for you because in yielding to your inner spirit, the sheer force of creativity that comes through you frees up channels and opportunities that were previously blocked

the power of STARSEED △ MOVEMENT carries within it more than just a new concept- it carries intent from a higher realm that is far beyond the individual through whom it manifests
STARSEED △ MOVEMENT will be available TO ALL via online streaming!
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