Would you like your brain to have the flexibility to view real-life day-to-day situations from a 360 degree perspective instantaneously?

Our summer Anatomy of the Subtle Body course awakens our ability to comprehend any situation [especially traumatic ones] from the past, present + future in a flexible, elastic way.


Join Starseed Founder, Leah, for this foundational education series. 

multi-dimensional anatomy of the subtle body

We will learn an overview of the Human Energy Field- torus, aura, chakras, meridians, subtle bodies, and of course, how these all link through physical through yoga asana.

The science of Yoga holds the potential to guide every individual into an integrated state of well-being. In this course, we will map the anatomy of the subtle body which shows us powerful, yet simple, tools that can help navigate the terrain from dis-ease to ease. In this way, we learn to empower ourselves and others to return to and sustain a state of optimal wellness.

Each class will break down one of the   as well as  integrate recent neuroscientific breakthroughs to ground down + use this information to get your mind space under command in order for clarity to come through so that you may direct your precious life force energy as needed in actual, real life day-to-day situations.

You Will Explore
In this 12-hr intensive, you will gain the tools you need to support yourself and those around you to live healthy, vibrant lives.

We will:

  • Re-define the paradigm of therapeutics through the lens of yoga and the maps of the subtle body. In this way we broaden our view to reflect the hidden wholeness in all beings and move beyond the typical clinical model of brokenness and into the model of integration, harmony and true potential.
  • Gain flexibility in the brain to truly see and understand disintegrating patterns in the body/mind and their source.
  • Tone your ears to hear what’s going on in the subtle body within a story of "symptoms, injury and disease". In this way, you can begin to understand the bigger picture of imbalance,and balance in a body, mind, life and spirit.
  • Learn the subtle body anatomy, physiology and neurology of many predominant health concerns. 
  • Pack your toolbox with the necessary tools to help all different types of individuals find their way back into their own unique optimal alignment and wellness.  We will dive into somatic movement, therapeutic asana, functional movement, healing adjustments, pranayama,  distinct meditation practices (including specific mantras and mudras) and lifestyle adjustments, etc.
  • Get a clear understanding on how to craft both healing private and group practices with effective sequences for a wide variety of populations and different types of health concerns.

Each Sunday will include:

  • one healing, full-spectrum yoga practice,
  • dynamic and engaging group discussions on the philosophies of yoga, the subtle body maps, and the modern scientific research that supports the effectiveness of these practices,
  • many opportunities to connect and work with a community of diverse individuals and form meaningful personal and professional relationships and deep friendships.


  •  Serious students of yoga with a base knowledge of the foundational teachings of yoga.

Attend the 12 Week Series: Sundays at 5pm-6pm + unlimited yoga classes

Sundays at 5pm-6pm

It's OK if you miss because of whatever reason! The 12 week course includes 12 1-hour classes both in person AND livestreamed via private to the participants of this group online forum throughout the summer. Each class includes lecture, meditation, aromatherapy [optional] and yoga asana practice. 

At the completion of the series, each student will receive a crystal with personalized charging instructions.

Attend an Individual Class

Monthly, bi-annual, and annual members may join this special class series for $100 [write into]. 

If you know you cannot make the entire series, each Individual Class is $25 Drop in – this includes Chakra Lesson, Yoga Practice, and option for aromatherapy for the class you choose.


June 10th – Root Chakra (Grounding, Live Energy, Survival)

June 17th – Sacral Chakra (Creativity, Passion, Joy)

June 24th – Solar Plexus (Willpower, Courage, Strength)

July 1st – Heart Chakra (Love, Compassion, Acceptance)

July 8th – Throat Chakra (Self-Expression, Respect, Truth)

July 15th – Third Eye (Intuition, Trust, Innovation)

July 22nd – Crown Chakra (Soul, Higher Self, Universal Connection)

July 29th- 8th Above Head (Houses several additional energy bodies including the Akashic records, Book of Life, and Shadow Records)

Aug 5th- 9th 1 1/2 foot Above Head (Spiritual Genetic "Seat of the Soul")

Aug 12th- 10th 1 1/2 foot Under Feet (Holds personal soul history + stories from one's heritage) 

Aug 19th- 11th Surrounds Body, Concentrated at Hands+ Feet (Commands and Transmutes Physical + Supernatural Forces)

Aug 16th- 12th Surrounds the 11th + Body (Represents the Outer Bounds of the human self)

All classes will be livestreamed and available for access for all participants who purchase the Entire Summer 12-Chakra Healing Class Series. Livestream videos are not available to those who purchase Individual Class Tickets. Unlimited Yoga Membership dates run from 6/10/18-8/16/18, not transferrable or refundable.